Small Load Moves Across Long Distances

Need to move a small load across a great distance? Cargolia can help you find the perfect mover for your mini-load job. Whether you want to move a refurbished couch you’re selling online, a few household goods to your student at university, or the content of your small studio apartment, trust our reliable movers to facilitate your move.

You could rent a truck or a storage container, and you could move the mini-load by yourself… But why do that when you could quickly and easily arrange the shipment through our reputable network of carriers?

Whether you’re moving to an apartment, downsizing to a smaller space or simply need to move small pieces of furniture, a major appliance or a combination thereof, we will help you make it happen.

We will find space for your goods on a truck headed to your destination. By sharing the truck with other shipments headed in that direction, you will save money.

When you book your small load shipment through Cargolia, your item(s) will be consolidated with other shipments into a larger van. Our movers will weigh your shipment in order to determine your moving costs, which means that you only pay for what you actually ship. By doing this, everyone benefits from lower costs that save on fuel and costs.

That’s just one of the ways in which we make it easy for you to find affordable and reliable shipping for small loads across the country.


Affordable Small Load Movers

Most moving companies focus on corporate moves and 3-4-bedroom home relocations, because it’s simply more lucrative than mini-loads. It may be hard to find a company that offers mini-loads across the country. But it needn’t be so hard to find a carrier who will move your small load across a great distance.

The good news is that Cargolia has a sizable network of small load movers that operate across all 48 states. We will tap into our network on your behalf, helping you find the perfect mini-load mover for your needs.


What is Considered a Mini-Load or Small Load Move?

Small load moves are any loads under two thousand pounds. When it comes to residential mini-loads, a small move would be a one-bedroom apartment or a studio. Our network of mini-movers ship items such as furniture, safes, hot tubs, large household appliances, and so forth. If the combined weight of your load equals less than a ton, we consider that a small load.


How to calculate the weight of your shipment

You can easily estimate the weight of your shipment. Here’s how:

Measure the object you’re moving. Say your refrigerator measure 3’ x 2.5’ x 6’. That means that it is 45 cubic feet. Mini movers typically estimate the weight of household objects at seven pounds per cubic foot, which means your fridge will weigh 315 lbs.

You could also go on the rule-of-thumb mini movers use to estimate the weight of your household items, which is 1500 lbs per room. So, if you live in a small apartment or if you’re moving just one bedroom, the load should come in at under 2000 pounds.

Contact Cargolia today for a competitive quote on your small load move across the country.


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